Pahlo Correa

General Info:

Question 1: What's your major?

Answer 1: I am majoring in Computer Science.

Question 2: Is this your first online class?

Answer 2: No.

Question 3: How would you describe your level of expertise with computers in general?

Answer 3: Average.

Question 4: When did you take CMST 385?

Answer 4: I took CMST 385 last term

Web Design Info:

Question 1: Do you currently work in Web Design? If so, what do you do?

Answer 1: No, I work in Telecommunicationn. I am interested in developing my own websites for personal use.

Question 2: What scripting languages or web technolgoies do you know? What is your level of expertise?

Answer 2: I do not know any scripting langages. The only HTML and CSS I know, I learned from last term. I studied MySQL and PHP on my own 10 years ago, but I didn't understand any PHP.

Question 3: In this class, you'll be hand coding HTML and CSS using a text editor, what is your editor of choice?

Answer 3: I like Komodo, but will be trying Atom for this class. It seems to be a pretty good editor. I like how you can add features to it.

About your Computer:

Question 1: What type of computer do you have?

Answer 1: I own a few computers, I mostly use Mac products and will be using a Macbook Pro for this class

Question 2: What Operating System do you use?

Answer 2: Mac OS 10.11

Question 3: Which web browser or browsers do you use?

Answer 3: Safari and Chrome. I do have firefox and Opera. I use Opera when I want to VPN


Question 1: What are you nervous about or don't understand?

Answer 1: I'm nervous about not being able to manipulate the code as I want it to, but I guess that is why I am taking the class.